Skylights are a delightful, energy-saving option for enjoying natural light in any home or business. However, if you find you have skylight leak that needs repairs the pros at Seal Tight Roofing can handle everything from maintenance to skylight leak repairs. Our team has over three decades of experience in serving the Southern California region with unbeatable prices and professional service that keeps customers coming back every time. 

Skylight installation has a plethora of benefits for both homeowners and businesses. For one, making use of natural light in your facility saves on energy costs during the day. Better still, it allows homes and businesses to harness this natural light without
their possessions suffering from UV damage from direct sunlight. A skylight installation also mitigates harsh glares and hotspots. In the summer, skylights reduce the cost of cooling because of the lack of heat-producing electrical light sources. However, over time, without regular maintenance, skylight seals can wear down from exposure, or the glass can crack from fallen objects or other issues. If left unchecked, a damaged skylight can cause costly water damage to any structure. 

When you call one of our representatives, we can send a professional out at your convenience to examine your skylights and look for problems that indicate a leak, such as openings in the watertight seals that can cause wet drywall, water stains, or mold growth in your home. While homeowners can implement temporary fixes on the seals, a professional roofing repair specialist can ensure that all repairs are compliant with local regulations and implement more permanent solutions for repairing skylights and mitigating potential water damage. 

When you need a team that specializes in skylight leak repair and maintenance, Seal Tight Roofing is ready to help. Give us a call today at (951) 232-6122 for more information on our skylight repair services or our maintenance programs with a reliable 3-year warranty.