Modified Bitumen

If you find cracks, brittleness, or other damage on your roofing that can cause leaks, you need a team that specializes in modified bitumen roof repair. The pros at Seal Tight Roofing are here to help restore your roof and have over three decades of
experience repairing and maintaining modified bitumen roofing in Southern California. We endeavor to bring our customers stellar service and fast repairs at competitive prices. 

Modified bitumen roof was first rolled out in the United States in the 1970s, and wasn’t first manufactures here until 1978. Since its inception, it has remained a popular roofing option, especially for commercial entities that need an extremely durable surface overhead. Modified bitumen is a mixture of asphalt and other materials to produce a more stable roofing membrane, and has a life expectancy of approximately 20 years with few maintenance issues. However, as age creeps in, spider cracks, shrinkage, and brittleness can develop and leave your roof more vulnerable to leaks and other issues. 

When you call us, we can send a professional out to you the same day to assess your modified bitumen flat roof. Our team is thorough and comprehensive in identifying roof damage that can lead to leaks and other issues if left unchecked. We pride
ourselves on preventing problems before they can occur at a price that is budget-friendly for any commercial operational budget. When you hire a professional roofing maintenance and repair team, you not only save yourself time and money, but you extend the life expectancy of your roof. 

If your business requires modified bitumen flat roof repair, we’re just a phone call away. Give the experts at Seal Tight Roofing a call at (951) 232-6122 today. We can provide you with information on our services as well as an estimate on your repair needs.