Commercial TPO

Does the TPO roofing on your business need repairs or maintenance to prevent leaks? If so, the professionals at Seal Tight Roofing are ready to assist you. Our team specializes in the restoration and upkeep of many kinds of commercial flat roofing materials, including TPO. If your TPO roofing has tears, we can seal them up correctly to ensure that they don’t create leaks or other structural issues on your property.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing is a reflective membrane that is single-ply and consists of materials such as polypropylene and ethylene propylene.TPO roofing’s co-polymerized rubber is excellent for withstanding cold and hot climates alike while staying pliant and offers the benefits of both EPDM and PVC rubber roofing while being more economical than either. This cost-effective roofing, usually colored white, also saves on energy costs and is ENERGY STAR rated. Better still, TPO roofing is recyclable, extremely durable, and tear-resistant, making it a choice roofing system for many commercial buildings. The average warranty on a TPO roof lasts about 20 years.

While TPO roofing is extremely tough and stands up well against the elements, it breaks down over time like any other roof and needs proper care and maintenance to ensure that it lasts. The Seal Tight Roofing team can do TPO roof repair, so your roofing stays secure and free of leaks or structural damage. The most common maladies that affect TPO roofing come from age and exposure. An older roof is more prone to tearing, “chalking,” brittleness, and shrinkage. Our team can do regular maintenance on your roof to prevent leaks and other issues, which helps mitigate the costs of water damage or mold growth before it can affect your business.

If your commercial property requires maintenance or repairs for its TPO roofing system, the pros at Seal Tight Roofing are here to help. Give us a call today at (951) 232-6122 for more information or to get an estimate on the repairs you need for your roofing.